The research focus of the IDP-ET are:

  • Pan-Domain Cognitive Abilities
    An important goal of education is that in addition to content, students develop cognitive process abilities. Learners are expected to use these abilities for sense-making and problem-solving across domains in educational settings and in the workplace. Our research group focuses on the following aspects:
    • Cognitive abilities used in engineering and science such as, design, problem-posing, estimation, algorithmic thinking, creation & revision of scientific models, data representation & analysis, decision making.
    • Technology enhanced learning environments for development of such abilities.
    • Transfer of cognitive abilities across domains.
    • Assessment of such abilities.

  • Teacher Use of Educational Technology Tools and Strategies
    The potential of educational technology tools is lost without appropriate pedagogical strategies. Instructors not only need to have a knowledge of which tools are relevant, but more importantly how to integrate them effectively in the teaching-learning process. Our research in this area focuses on:
    • Creation of frameworks and models for effective integration of ET tools and strategies by instructors.
    • Designs for faculty professional development programs for effective integration of ET tools and strategies.

  • Educational Technology Tools
    Our group works in the design and development of AI and ICT based tools for achieving specific teaching-learning goals such as:
    • Automated assessment
    • Automated content generation
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