Aditi Kothiyal

  E-Mail: aditi.kothiyal[at]

Research Interests: Engineering education research, learning environments for engineering estimation, ill-structured problem solving and abstraction ability

Guide: Prof. Sahana Murthy

Anita S D

  E-Mail: anitasd[at]

Research Interests: Virtual laboratories,Remote triggered laboratories, Engineering Education, Effectiveness metric in TEL, critical thinking skills

Guide: Prof. Santosh Noronha

Anura Kenkre

  E-Mail: anura.kenkre[at]

Research Interests: Instructional Design, Development and assessment of Scientific skills and abilities, Micro-Macro Thinking, Self Regulated Learning, Peadagogy of visualizations and instructional strategies, learning designs

Guide: Prof. Sahana Murthy

Anurag Deep

  E-Mail: 144380002[at]

Research Interests: Hypothetico-deductive reasoning, Technology Enabled Learning of Thinking Skills, Game based learning, Biology Education Research, E-Learning.

Guide: Prof. P. J. Bhat, Prof. Sahana Murthy

Ashutosh Raina

  E-Mail: raina.ashu[at]

Research Interests: Computational Thinking in Engineering Undergraduates Using Makerspaces

Deepti R

  E-Mail: deeptir[at]

Research Interests: Development of divergent and convergent thinking through open problem based learning.

Guide: Prof. Sridhar Iyer, Prof. Sasikumar M

Jayakrishnan M

  E-Mail: jayakrishnan.m[at]

Research Interests: Large scale faculty development programmes, Teachers' use of ICT Tools

Guide: Prof. Sahana Murthy, Prof. Sridhar Iyer

Kapil Kadam

  E-Mail: kapilkadam[at]

Research Interests: Development of Spatial Abilities, Computer Graphics

Guide: Prof. Sridhar Iyer

Kavya Alse

  E-Mail: kavyaalse[at]

Research Interests: Teaching troubleshooting skills, Inquiry based learning, Game based learning

Guide: Prof. Sridhar Iyer, Prof. Sasikumar M

Lakshmi Ganesh

  E-Mail: tglakshmi[at]

Research Interests: Design Thinking, Decomposition, Software Engineering

Guide: Prof. Sridhar Iyer

Lucian Ngeze

  E-Mail: lucianngeze[at]

Narasimha Swamy K L

Research Interests: Standardized tests and its influence on the teaching-learning, Designing technological interventions to significantly bring down students test preparation time and deepen their conceptual understanding.

Navneet Kaur

  E-Mail: navigr892 [at]

Research Interests: Technology enhanced learning of thinking skills , Meta cognition , development of decision making abilities

Pankaj Chavan

  E-Mail: pnkjchavan [at]

Research Interests: Learners' Affective States, Biosensors and Eye tracking, Flipped Instruction, Blended Learning, Interactive Learning Environment, Metal Casting, Sustainable Manufacturing.

Prajish Prasad

  E-Mail: prajish.prasad[at]

Research Interests: Mathematical problem solving, Deductive Reasoning

Guide: Prof. Sridhar Iyer

Pratidnya S. Hegde Patil

  E-Mail: pratidnya[at]

Research Interests: Infusing and Assessing Critical Thinking Skills in Undergraduate Engineering Discipline

Rumana Pathan

  E-Mail: rumana2492 [at]

Research Interests: Technology Enabled Learning of Thinking Skills, Game Based Learning, Adaptive Tutoring Systems

Rekha Ramesh

  E-Mail: rekha.ramesh[at]

Research Interests: Engineering Education Research,Quality Evaluation of Assessment Instruments in engineering Education, Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Natural Language Processing

Guide: Prof. Sasikumar M, Prof. Sridhar Iyer

Rwitajit Majumdar

  E-Mail: rwitajit[at]

Research Interests: Visual Analytics, Learning Analytics, Data Visualisation, HCI, Cognition

Guide: Prof. Sridhar Iyer, Prof. Aniruddha Joshi

Shitanshu Mishra

  E-Mail: shitanshu[at]

Research Interests: Knowledge Integration, Student Question-posing, CS Education Research, Technology Enhanced Learning of Thinking Skills, Computaional Intelligence, Natural Language Processing

Guide: Prof. Sridhar Iyer

Shivsevak Negi

  E-Mail: shiv.seem [at]

Research Interests: Learning Analytics

N Soumya

  E-Mail: soumya.n[at]

Research Interests: Design thinking in Analog Electronics

Guide: Prof. Sahana Murthy

Vikram Vincent

  E-Mail: vincentvikram[at]

Research Interests: Chronological thinking Skills, History Education

Guide: Prof. Ravi Pooviah