These are courses offered in the previous offerings that have been archived for future reference. These courses are accessible only for students within IIT Bombay 

This course will offer students an overview of the theories and practices involved in Educational Technology.

Topics include:

1. Learning theories. Learning objectives and Blooms taxonomy; constructivist and situated theories of learning; factors affecting and facilitating learning; learning styles.

2. Technologies for creating new resources. Examples include video, multimedia, animations and simulations, Web 2.0/3.0.

3. Instructional Design (ID). Basic ID models (eg ADDIE model), ID models for e-learning and blended learning (eg Dick and Carey model), online course development using ID.

4. Technologies for content delivery. Examples include Learning Management Systems (e.g. Moodle) classroom management systems (e.g. Jhoomla), Open Education Resources, intelligent tutoring systems.

Throughout the course, we will illustrate theories with practical examples such as NPTEL, OCW, OSCAR, PhET.

This course provides an overview on Research Methods that are commonly used in Educational Technology Research. The course is high on readings and would also require the student to plan, conduct, analyze and report and ET Research.

This course will examine a range of theoretical perspectives on the nature of cognition (symbolic cognition, connectionism, distributed cognition, dynamic systems, ecological psychology, situated cognition, embodied cognition). The focus will be on the recent theoretical approaches, particularly distributed, situated and embodied perspectives, and the cognitive and brain mechanisms that support these approaches.