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Our products are designed and developed to assist teachers in their regular teaching-learning practice

Interactive Data Visualization

interactive Stratified Attribute Tracking (iSAT)

iSAT tool visualizes the proportion of the sub groups of students as categorized by the user and then tracks their migration patterns.

For example, with performance data of students, teachers can classify high-medium-low performers and track migration of achievement levels across different assessment periods.
In general it enables teachers and researchers to visually analyze dynamics of students in their class or research context.
Patterns that emerge across time or across different attributes can assist decision making in that context.

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Read about iSAT related research work here.

Learning Design, Visualizations

Customized Visualization Integration System (CuVIS) Tool

CuVIS is a semi-automatic lesson plan (learning design) authoring tool. It functions in the following way:

  • It takes the teacher's learning objective and activity time duration as input specification.
  • presents a set of design guideline prompts mapped to input
  • generates a theory-informed, research-evidence based, customized LD for teaching using visualizations (videos/ animations/ simulations).

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    Read about CuVIS related research work here.

Virtual Labs, Engineering Experiments Tool

Scientific Design of Virtual lab Experiments (SDVIcE) Tool

This tool assists engineering faculties to design virtual laboratory experiments for students and integrate these labs in their teaching.

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Teaching Resources

Templates and Guidelines

  • Resources developed by us are useful to teachers for designing, implementing, and evaluating teaching-learning strategies. These resources are released under Creative Commons-Attribution 4.0 License.

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Visual Learning Analytics


Research Team:
Dr. Rwitajit Majumdar and Prof. Sridhar Iyer

  • Interactive Stratified Attribute Tracking (iSAT) enables users to visually analyze transition dynamics of students in their class or research context.
  • iSAT web tool visualizes simple csv data of student's attributes, highlighting proportion of predefined sub groups and tracking their migration patterns across the attributes.
  • For example, given performance and engagement data of students, teachers can classify high-medium-low levels for each and track migration patterns of achievement levels to engagement levels. (see figure).
  • Patterns that emerge across different attributes or time can be used for data-informed decision making in that specific context.
  • Download: Thesis: PDF file