Teacher Use of Educational Technology

Research group based at the Interdisciplinary Programme in Educational Technology, IIT Bombay

Research Overview

Our mission is to focus on areas critical to the Indian education context and become pioneers in research on developing:

  • Frameworks & models for effective integration of
    learner-centric pedagogy for technologies.
  • Models for sustainable teacher professional development programs for effective integration of educational technology.
  • Teachers' design thinking and practice.
  • Model for integration of
    learner-centric pedagogy in MOOCs.

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Products for Teachers

Our educational technology products assist teachers to:

  • Generate learning designs for teaching using visualizations.
  • Design virtual laboratory experiments.
  • Facilitate learner-centered teaching and learning in classroom.

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Teacher Professional Development

Our initiatives focus on enabling teachers to make the shift from teacher-centric to learner-centric mode of teaching using technology.

Teacher Training Programs

Massive Open Online Courses

Templates and Guidelines

1+ Teachers Trained
1+ Online Teacher Development Programs conducted since 2009
1 Contact Teacher Training Programs conducted in 2017-18
1+ Open Educational Resources Created