External Outreach

  • Teacher Training Programs

  • We regularly conduct face-to-face capacity building workshops as well as Continuing Education Programme (CEP) for Engineering and Science teachers. These trainings are theory-informed and evidence-based. Our faculty, alumni, and research scholars function as resource persons for these workshops.

    Towards Sustainability:

    • Measures implemented:
    • Scaffold motivated participants through Action Research workshops
    • Conducting MOOC (FDP 301Tx: ‘Mentoring Educators in Educatioal Technology’) for mentoring teachers to  become master trainers in their institute
    • Involving top performers in MOOCs as ‘associate faculty’ in next run of the MOOC

    • Results :
    • 52 studies designed, 19 implemented, 15 conference papers published by trained teachers

    • Communities of practice :
    • 20000+ Open Educational Resources created, some available at https://etrepository.wikispaces.com/
    • 174 Associate Faculty identified, mentoring 7100 faculty across India
    • Active participation rate in FDP301Tx :  (No. of participants who completed at least one graded activity)/ (total no. of registered participants) = 0.97
  • Consultancy

  • We provide consultancy to learning solutions companies like 'NextEducation India Pvt. Ltd.' to answer questions such as:
    i) What are the barriers to the effective teacher use of the company’s product in the classroom setting?
    ii) What type of support should be provided to teachers for effective integration of the company’s product in the classroom?

Internal Outreach

  • SoUL (2017)

  • 'Solar Urja through Localization for Sustainability' is a project under Energy Science and Engineering, IIT Bombay led by Prof. Chetan Solanki and Prof. Jayendran Venkateshwaran.
    We provided consultancy on :
    i) Design of workshops for the SoUL master trainers,
    ii) Design of the workshop handbook,
    and iii) Metrics for workshop evaluation.

  • Lokacart (2017)

  • 'Lokacart' is a project under RuTAG (Rural Technology Action Group) at IIT Bombay led by Prof. Ganesh Ramakrishnan and Prof. Narendra Shah. It is an e-commerce platform developed to empower cottage industries and farmer producer companies through smartphones.

    We provided consultancy on :
    i) Design of learner-centered workshop for training semi-literate to illiterate Agricultural Society Heads in using mobile app developed to facilitate supply chain management,
    ii) Development of rubric to measure the effectiveness of the workshop.