TELoTS Systems

TELoTS systems are technology enhanced learning environments to learn specific thinking skills.

TELoTS systems from IIT Bombay: Currently two systems are available from IDP-ET, IIT Bombay. They are TELE-EDesC to learn engineering design and MIC-O-MAP to learn micro-macro thinking.

TELE-EDesC –  Technology Enhanced Learning Environment to teach Engineering design Competencies

Engineering design thinking is one of the important pan domain thinking skill. Even though this essential skill is taught using various instructional methods such as project based learning, reverse engineering; students are unable to demonstrate engineering design thinking skill. One of the key challenges of teaching design is what to teach and how to assess engineering design as a thinking skill. This challenge is addressed by operationalizing engineering design thinking skill by measurable competencies. These competencies are tracked using descriptive scoring scale rubrics and developed using TEL environment referred as TELE-EDesC. …Read more



MIC-O-MAP –   Technology Enhanced Learning Environment to teach Micro-Macro Thinking skills

Micro-macro thinking skill is an important thinking skill required for tertiary education. Here the emphasis is on self regulated learning and design features have been identified which aid in the development of the specific skills of making careful observations in the micro world, predicting macroscopic outcomes based on a micro-macro link and testing these predictions against real world experimental outcomes. A design based research methodology has been adopted for designing MIC-O-MAP. Key features of the learning environment include multi level linked representations and conflict resolutions with customized feedback which aid in establishing a visual link between the microscopic and macroscopic layers and help in correlating the two. The environment is mediated through a pedagogical agent who would act like a mentor and would eradicate the feeling of assessment, instead would provide guidance through feedback and dialogue. Users are also allowed the option of note taking which aids in enhancing their process of sense making. Lastly best practices have been located for anyone who interacts with this environment. Six modules in Basic Electronics have been developed till date. …Read More