Who all can contribute:

  • Researchers
  • Teachers
  • Developers and
  • Thinkers

What you can contribute:

TELoTS includes Learning Environments for development of thinking skills such as :

  • Techniques for integration of ICT to promote thinking skills
  • Systems/tools aimed at explicitly developing thinking skills
  • Pedagogical approaches and teaching-learning strategies for developing thinking skills
  • Assessment of thinking skills – techniques, tools and innovative approaches using technology
  • Methodological issues related to TELoTS and innovative research methods
  • Curriculum design for the development of thinking skills
  • Models, theories and frameworks underpinning TELoTS
  • Learner characterization for TELoTS
  • Transfer of thinking skills across domains and situations
  • Methods for assessing transfer of thinking skills

How you can contribute:

If you are working in any of the above areas, you are welcome to collaborate with the TELoTS working group. Please contact Prof. Sridhar Iyer (email: or Prof. Sahana Murthy (email: for further details.