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I am a PhD student in the Educational Techology IDP at IIT Bombay. My research interests lie in engineering education, specifically technology-enhanced learning environments for ill-structured problem solving in engineering.

Collectively our research group works on promoting students' thinking skills for reasoning amid complexity such as design thinking, convergent-divergent thinking and question posing among others. Specifically, for my PhD dissertation, I am working on promoting students engineering estimation skills in the domain of electrical engineering. My goal is to design and evaluate a technology enhanced learning environment for developing undergraduates skill in engineering estimation.

Here is a current resume.

Publications related to thesis:

My second Annual progress seminar ReportReport My first Annual progress seminar Report Slides

These are some research projects I have been working on:-
1) Literature review of teaching-learning strategies for ill-structured problem solving focusing on engineering problem solving. It led to this technical report
2) Two classroom studies for teaching engineering problem solving
a) Delayed Guidance Problem Solving Study (LaTiCE 2015) Slides
b) Guided Problem Solving and Group Programming Study (T4E 2014)
3) Investigating the use of fully manipulable computer interfaces for the development of representational competence - a pilot study, which led to two publications, one in T4E 2014 (Slides) and another in TELoTS Workshop @ ICCE. This work is ongoing.
4) Investigating the use of the teaching-learning strategy called Think-pair-Share in large CS101 classes - a semester long study which led to two publications, one in ICER 2013 and another in ITiCSE 2014

When I'm not in PhD student mode you can find me rambling at Just another foodie mom.

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