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I am a PhD student in the Inter-Disciplinary Program in Educational Techology at Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. My research interests lie in biology education research (specifically genetics education) and development of technology enhanced learning-teaching environment.

I am pursuing my doctoral research under the guidance of my Ph.D. supervisor Prof. Jayadeva Bhat , Dept. of BioScience and BioEngineering and Prof. Sahana Murthy , Inter-Disciplinary Program in Educational Techology, IIT Bombay. I am working on promoting students'cognitive skill of reasoning amid complexity which requires skill such as Hypothetico deductive reasoning. I have applied this reasoning, within the domain of genetics and topics of mendelian genetics.

  Research Interests

Hypothetico-deductive reasoning, Biology Education Research, Technology Enabled Learning of Thinking Skills.


I have done Bachelor of Science in Botany in 2011, complted my Master of Science in Environmental Studies in 2013 and Bachelor of Education in 2014. Following is a highlight of the courses which I have studied in Ph.D.

Fundamentals of Educational Technology, Research Methodology in Educational Technology, Educational Technology Tools, Cognitive Science, Educational Game Design, Knowledge Structure and Learning System Design, Adaptive Tutoring Systems.





  Talks & Workshops

Highlights of conducted workshops and talks

  • Three day workshop on exploratory questioning skills. October 27th - 30th,2015 DIT University, Dehradun.
  • Design Thinking for Creative Problem Solving in the context of MOOC platform. April 11th - 12th,2015 IIT Bombay.
  • Technology Integration in Education (TIE) workshop. March 22nd, 2015, IIT Bombay.
  • Workshop on data structures using question posing based and online collaboration strategy. January 25th, 2015, IIT Bombay.

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IDP in Educational Technology,
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