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CuVIS is a learning design (LD) tool for university & college teachers to effectively integrate dynamic visualizations (videos/animations/simulations) in their classrooms (lecture/tutorial). LD is defined as “a methodology for enabling teachers/designers to make more informed decisions in how they go about designing learning activities and interventions, which is pedagogically informed and makes effective use of appropriate resources and technologies. This includes the design of resources and individual learning activities” (Conole, 2012). This tool is based on the theory of Constructive Alignment and Meaningful Learning with ICT. If you answer yes to any 1 of the questions below, CuVIS is the tool for you.

  1. Do you face difficulty in designing student-centered learning activities with visualization in a class of 60 -70 students that is mapped to your objective?
  2. Do you face difficulty in designing student-centered activities with visualization where students do not have access to individual laptops? They have to interact with the visualization via the instructor.
  3. Do you need help in framing active learning activity questions based on your selected visualization and mapped to your objective & time requirements ?
  4. Do you need help with implementation methodology of active learning strategy that can lead to successful achievement of your learning objectives?
  5. Do you need help in creating a learning design that incorporates dimensions of meaningful learning with ICT & is customized to your time requirements?

CuVIS supports instructors like you to create LDs that promote effective and meaningful learning with visualizations and is mapped to your learning objective.