Graduate Student
Inter-disciplinary Program in Educational Technology Email: lakshmiganesht at gmail dot com tglakshmi at iitb dot ac dot in IIT Bombay


Mathematics Building, Near Central Library.
Fax: +91-[22]-[2576]-[4812]


Doctoral Research Scholar
IDP in Educational Technology
IIT Bombay

The overarching theme in my doctoral research is teaching-learning of design skills, specifically software design skills. A major focus of my work is to develop technology enhanced learning environment for developing software conceptual design skills. I am a contributor to one of our department's thrust areas known as Technology Enhanced Learning of Thinking Skills.Throughout my doctoral program I have additionally worked on research projects involving classroom-interventions and tool development.


Lakshmi, T.G. & Iyer, Sridhar (2018). Exploring Novices’ Approach to Conceptual Design of Software (to appear in ICLS 2018)

Lakshmi, T.G (2018). Developing Students’ Conceptual Design Skills for Software Engineering (to appear in ICER 2018)

Exploration of Emerging Technologies for teaching-learning
Lakshmi, T. G., Narayana, S., Prasad, P., Murthy, S., & Chandrasekharan, S. (2016). Geometry-via-Gestures: Design of a gesture based application to teach 3D Geometry. In Proceedings of the 24th international conference on computers in education (pp. 180-189).

Lakshmi, T. G., Prasad, P., & Iyer, S. (2017, July). A System for Developing Operationalization Skills through Problem Decomposition. In Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT), 2017 IEEE 17th International Conference on (pp. 427-429). IEEE.

Raina, A., Lakshmi, T. G., & Murthy, S. (2017, July). CoMBaT: Wearable Technology Based Training System for Novice Badminton Players. In Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT), 2017 IEEE 17th International Conference on (pp. 153-157). IEEE.

Alse, K., Ganesh, L., Prasad, P., Chang, M., & Iyer, S. (2016, July). Assessing Students' Conceptual Knowledge of Computer Networks in Open Wonderland. In Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT), 2016 IEEE 16th International Conference on (pp. 513-517). IEEE.

Narayana, S., Prasad, P., Lakshmi, T. G., & Murthy, S. (2016, December). Geometry via Gestures: Learning 3D geometry using gestures. In Technology for Education (T4E), 2016 IEEE Eighth International Conference on (pp. 26-33). IEEE.

Evaluation of Teaching-Learning Interventions
Lakshmi, T. G., Narayana, S., Penugonda, H., Vaidya, D., Poonia, V., Ganguly, S., & Murthy, S. PIVOTeeING: A Flipped Approach in a Postgraduate Solid State Devices Course. In Proceedings of the 25th international conference on computers in education (ICCE 2016)

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Ganesh, L. (2014, December). Board Game as a Tool to Teach Software Engineering Concept--Technical Debt. In Technology for Education (T4E), 2014 IEEE Sixth International Conference on (pp. 44-47). IEEE.


Before my stint as a grad student I have worked in the Software Industry for about 6 years and been a teacher in a private engineering college in Mumbai for about 3 years. The details of all my projects till date have been listed here in a reverse chronological order.

Technical Experience Summary

Technology Tools
Programming Languages C, bash/shell scripting, Core Java, R , JavaScript
Software Engineering Methodologies/Tools/Technologies CVS, Clear case.
Databases MySQL,DB2,Oracle 8i
Development/Productivity Tools Debugging Tools - GDB, KGDB, Expect, Makefile, Unix Shell scripts, Power Builder, perl scripting
Skills Device Drivers in UNIX, High Availability, Unix Internals, IP DSLAM
Verticals Broadband Networks, Computing & Storage Systems and Treasury Management
  • July’15 – till now: Doctoral Research Scholar at IDP-ET, IIT Bombay
  • July ’12 – July ‘15 : Pro- Term Lecturer at Department of Computer Engineering, Thakur College of Engineering, Kandivali, Mumbai
Year Subject Semester
Final Year System Security 7th Semester
Final Year Project Management 7th Semester
Final Year E-commerce 7th Semester
Final Year Software Architecture 8th Semester
Final Year Operating System 6th Semester
First year (MechanicalEngineering) Structured Programming Approach in C 2nd Semester
  • May ’10 –June’12: Homemaker and mother to my first born.
  • August ’09 – May ‘10: Student of APPM (Advanced Program in Project Management) at S.P.Jain Institute of Management &Research.

Key Projects

  • Jun’08 – April ‘09 with MindTree Limited(Chennai) as Module Lead

1. Cloud Storage

Description A novel software only solution in Cloud Storage, Parascale a startup company based at Santa Clara tied up with MindTree Limited for its QA operations. At the time of testing, Parascale software was still in the development stage and not yet released into the market.
Role Test Lead
Operating System(s) Linux , Centos 5.1 & 5.2
Skills Perl & shell scripting
Environment Linux
Contribution Functional Testing and recommending enhancements in the following features such as:
  • Installation
  • Cloud Configuration
  • Load testing using IOZONE
  • HA
Defects filed
Filed several P1 and P2 issues. Highest contributor in defects and solution recommendations
Period 3 months
Team Size 3

2. Gingcom – NAS Backup product

Description Sister concern of BDT which is the largest ODM in the Tape Library segment, Gingcom has come up with a NAS backup product which aims at the SMEs in German market. The product has just been released in Germany. Gingcom tied up with MindTree for its QA operations.
Role Test Lead
Operating System(s) Windows 2003 Storage Server Edition
Skills MS VSS & Domain expertise in Backup products
Environment Windows
Contribution Functional Testing and recommending enhancements in the following features such as:
  • Installation
  • System backup & BMR
  • CDP
  • CAS
  • DR
Defects filed
Filed several P1 and P2 issues. Highest contributor in defects and solution recommendations
Period 6 months
Team Size 4
  • May'07 – June ’08 with Teradata Corporation(Hyderabad) as Senior Software Engineer

3. File system module - Teradata

Description Filesystem is an important user level module which interacts with the underlying operating system for the data to be written/retrieved from the raw I/O device.
Role Software Engineer
Operating System(s) MP-RAS, Linux , Windows
Skills C, gdb, Clear case, coverity.
Environment MP-RAS, Linux,
Contribution Have been handling code changes for future developments of the product and at the same time working on defects that come up in customer releases. Also been a part of the TIER-4 (support) team to handle customer issues.
  • Logging important parameters for performance analysis
  • Changing some constants as tunable parameters to utilize the 64 bit O.S. The above code changes after been evaluated by the management could be filed as patents.
Defects filed
Handled 2 P1 customer incidents and worked on close to 10 defects of varying complexity.
Period 11 months
Team Size 4
  • Jan ’04 – May `07 with Wipro Technologies(Chennai) as Senior Software Engineer

4. DMM – Data Migration Manager

Description Data Migration Manager is a tool to migrate the data stored in a physical storage element to another. This involves copying of data from the source to the destination storage element when the application can still access the data.
Role Senior Software Engineer
Operating System(s) NetBsd
Skills C, gdb, Clear case.
Environment Unix
Contribution Maintenance and debugging of the critical module “High Availability”
Period 2 months
Team Size 6 – Brocade & Wipro Technologies

5. FC Target Emulator

Description SCSI target emulator emulates a Target device. It provides target virtualization, LUN management and Configuration Management
Role Project Engineer
Operating System(s) Linux
Skills C, Shell scripts, Expect scripts
CVS, Makefile
Debugging Tools – gdb and kgdb
Environment Linux 2.4 and 2.6 kernels
Contribution Modified the linux sg module
Implemented the scatter gather lists
Ported the code from 2.4 to 2.6
Unit tested the functionality using kernel stubs
Period 2 months
Team Size 5 - Wipro Technologies

6. Intellistore – Archive

Description Intellistore is a system which provides storage of data. It provides file level presentation as provided by a NAS package. Management of the system is provided by data classification and policies. Data is classified based on the file system attributes. These attributes include file names, types, ownership, size, access rights, and age. The file system allows us access to this information, information that is not available in a purely block oriented storage subsystem. The classification is done automatically using customer defined categories. The categories are assigned to storage management policies. These policies control the placement of the files onto the various types of physical storage, replication, deletion,! and access.
Role Project Engineer
Operating System(s) Linux, Common Platform (A common platform for storage applications)
Skills Kernel level programming, Kernel level debugging, Shell programming, IP Routing, SGI Failsafe (HA), Understanding of SAN .
Environment C , shell and expect scripting
Contribution Completely involved in the design and implementation of Startup/Shutdown (SSI) module of Archive system’s various versions like 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and 1.5
Complete ownership of the module during the maintenance phase in various versions like 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and 1.5
Single point of contact for the customers and onsite managers in issues related to SSI module
Involved in debugging high customer escalation issues and solving them.
Designed and implemented the IP Failover in the system, which drastically improved the High Availability of the Archive System.
Developed test cases and test code for Design Verification Testing phase.
Tested and filed maximum high severity bugs which in turn helped the product to be ready for major customer releases on time.
Developed an Automated Testing Framework for Sanity Testing to be used during major customer releases.
Highly involved in the Lab setup during the initial phases.
Period 24 months
Team Size 50 - Wipro Technologies
Other Information Underwent "Architect Readiness Program in Linux Device Drivers", conducted by Wipro’s Talent Transformation


Description ITMS is a suite of end-to-end treasury and investment management solutions, covering the front-, middle- and back-office of a bank, primary dealer or corporate treasury. It supports a wide range of instruments including Fixed Income Securities, Money Markets, Foreign Exchange, Equities and also Derivatives like Futures, Forward Rate Agreements, Interest Rate Swaps and Currency Options.
Role Developer
Operating System(s) Windows
Skills Power Builder /Oracle
Contribution Fixing functional bugs
Played the role of client coordinator.
Involved in the product training for clients
Preparation of functional spec based on customer requirements
Period 8 months
Team Size 32 – Synergy Login Systems