~ I am a senior graduate student at the Educational Technology programme at IIT Bombay. My primary research interest involves understanding novices' process of software design and development of technology enhanced learning environments for teaching-learning of software design. My research lies in the intersection of computing education research, learning sciences, and design of technology enhanced learning environments. My thesis advisor is Prof. Sridhar Iyer. As part of my thesis, I have conducted studies to identify novices’ design strategies and cognitive processes in the context of software conceptual design. Based on these findings I have designed and developed a technology enhanced learning environment, think & link, which helps learners create integrated models of software design. ‘think & link’ has been used by ~50 students in different engineering institutes in Mumbai suburbs. Research studies indicate ‘conceptual change’ in understanding and practice of software design. I am part of the Computing Education Research Group and Technology enhanced Learning of Disciplinary practices at EdTech IIT Bombay.
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