Rekha Ramesh,

Doctoral Research Scholar, IDP in Educational Technology, IIT Bombay

Associate Professor, Computer Department, Shah and Anchor Kutchhi Engineering College, affiliated to Mumbai University

I am a PhD student in the Inter-Disciplinary Program in Educational Techology at Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. I am pursuing my doctoral research under the guidance of my Ph.D. supervisor Prof. Sridhar Iyer, Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Bombay and Prof. M. Sasikumar, Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC), Mumbai. My research work focuses on developing a Aritificial Intelligence based software solution that facilitates the measurement of the quality of Assessment Instrument. I have developed a framework that takes syllabus, a set of learning objectives of a course and domain ontology as input and when given an Assessment Instrument, provides its “Goodness measure". The framework can also be used to teach novice teachers to write good assessment questions. The research is being carried out in CS applications domain and the target population is engineering undergraduates.

I am also working as an Associate Professor in Computer Engineering Department of Shah and Anchor Kutchhi Engineering College which is affiliated to Mumbai University. I have a teaching experience of about 15 years. I have taught subjects like Artificial Intelligence, data warehousing and Mining, Analysis of Algorithms, and Soft Computing.

Research Interests

Quality of Assessment Instrument (Question Paper), Ontology Based software solutions, Educational Technology software Tools, E-Learning, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning.



I have done BE in Computer Science and Engineering in 1994, and completed my Masters in Computer Engineering 2004.

Courses studied in Ph.D. and Masters

Research Methodology in Educational Technology, Fundamentals of Educational Technology, Educational Technology Tools, Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing.

Courses studied in Ph.D. and Masters

Artificial Intelligence, data warehousing and Mining, Analysis of Algorithms, Soft Computing, Data Structures

Talks and Workshops

Highlights of conducted workshops and talks.
  • Conducted a session on ‘Aligning your assessment to course outcomes” at a workshop on "Learning Objectives and Assessment", for faculty at SIES Graduate School of Technology (SIESGST), Nerul, Navi Mumbai on 26th Novenber 2014.
  • Conducted a session on “Aligning Assessment to Curriculum” at TEACHING-LEARNING Workshop organized by ICT, Matunga, Mumbai on 29th March 2014.
  • Acted as a resource person and conducted workshops on every day for the One-week QIP Short Term Course on “ Effective Teaching Learning Strategies for Engineering Education” organized by Continuing Education & Quality Improvement Programmes, IIT Bombay, Mumbai from June 24th to June 28th, 2013..

Contact Details

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rekha.ramesh [at] iitb [dot] ac [dot] in


Rekha Ramesh
IDP in Educational Technology,
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay,
India - 400076