Sahana Murthy
Associate Professor
Interdisciplinary Program in Education Technology, IIT Bombay

Professional Activities

Consultancy and CEP

The IDP in Educational Technology provides consultancy to e-learning industries in instructional design and evaluation research. Please contact the IDP-ET Office for further details.

We conduct in-house and open courses for professionals in industry and academia in various areas in educational technology and effective teaching strategies. These courses are conducted through the Continuing Education Programme (CEP) of IIT Bombay. If you are interested in a CEP course, please contact the IIT Bombay CEP Office ,

T4E Conference series

The IEEE International Conference on Technology for Education is the flagship educational technology confernece in India. I have been involved in T4E as Steering Committee member and Program co-chair (T4E 2016, T4E 2014, T4E 2012, T4E 2010). This year's conference, T4E 2016, is the 8th in the series and is being held at IIT Bombay from December 2-5, 2016.

Asia-Pacific Society of Computers in Education (APSCE)

I am an Executive Committee member (2014-17) of APSCE, which organizes the ICCE conference series - International Conference on Computers in Education. This year's conference, ICCE 2016, is being organized at IIT Bombay, for which I am co-chair of the International Program Committee.



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