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Please use this bio if you are inviting me to talk, seminar, workshop, FDP etc.

Dr. Yogendra Pal is an assistant professor in Educational Technology Area at NIIT University. He finished Ph.D. in Educational technology from the Educational Technology department of IIT Bombay in 2016. Before joining NIIT University, he was working in the CSE department of IIT Bombay as Project Research Scientist, where he was managing the front end for IITBombayX MOOC platform. He has spent a lot of time in search of hardware, software, services, framework, programming languages that can be used in either content development or in content delivery. He is creating educational videos since 2009 and I have recorded more than 10,000 videos until the end of 2019. He is known for his EdTech YouTube Channel E. T. mantra.

Please use these photos for event's brochure and marketing material etc.

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