Dr. Lakshmi Ganesh
Research Interests: Design Thinking, Decomposition, Software Engineering
Guide: Prof. Sridhar Iyer
Dr. Prajish Prasad
Research Interests: Mathematical problem solving, Deductive Reasoning, Computing Education Research, Learning Analytics
Guide: Prof. Sridhar Iyer
Dr. Vikram Vincent
Research Interests: Historical thinking, History education, Unlearning, Pre-service teacher training
Guide: Prof. Ravi Pooviah
Dr. Anurag Deep
Research Interests: Hypothetico-deductive reasoning, Technology Enabled Learning of Thinking Skills, Educational Technology, E-Learning, STEM Education, Biology Education Research, Systems Thinking, Game-based Learning, Teacher Training , Curriculum Development
Guide: Prof. P. J. Bhat and Prof. Sahana Murthy
Dr. Deepti Reddy
Research Interests: Development of divergent and convergent thinking through open problem-based learning, Learning Analytics, Technology Enhanced Learning Environment, Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Semantic Web Technologies
Guide: Prof. Sridhar Iyer and Prof. Sasikumar M
Dr. Aditi Kothiyal
Research Interests: Engineering education research, learning environments for engineering estimation, ill-structured problem solving and abstraction ability
Guide: Prof. Sahana Murthy
Dr. Anita S D
Research Interests: Virtual laboratories, Remote triggered laboratories, Engineering Education, Effectiveness metric in TEL, critical thinking skills
Guide: Prof. Santosh Noronha
Dr. Shitanshu Mishra
Research Interests: Knowledge Integration, Student Question-posing, CS Education Research, Technology Enhanced Learning of Thinking Skills, Computational Intelligence, Natural Language Processing
Guide: Prof. Sridhar Iyer
Dr. Kapil Kadam
Research Interests: Development of Spatial Abilities, Computer Graphics, EdTech, Engineering Graphics, Learning Analytics, Computer Science Education, AR, VR
Guide: Prof. Sridhar Iyer
Dr. Jayakrishnan M
Research Interests: Large scale faculty development programmes, Teachers' use of ICT Tools
Guide: Prof. Sahana Murthy and Prof. Sridhar Iyer
Dr. Rwitajit Majumdar
Research Interests: Visual Analytics, Learning Analytics, Data Visualisation, HCI, Cognition, Data-driven services for education
Guide: Prof. Sridhar Iyer and Prof. Anirudha Joshi
Dr. Anura Kenkre
Research Interests: Instructional Design, Development, and assessment of Scientific skills and abilities, Micro-Macro Thinking, Self Regulated Learning, Pedagogy of visualizations and instructional strategies, learning designs
Guide: Prof. Sahana Murthy
Dr. Eranki L N Kiran
Research Interests: CS Education Research, Programming competency, Computer Supported Collaborative learning, SELF regulated learning, Cognitive and Behavioural studies,E-learning and TEL evaluation and assessment
Guide: Prof. Kannan Moudgalya
Dr. Gargi Banerjee
Research Interests: Research on effective practices of ICT in education, Learning designs, Scaffolding teachers in integrating technological tools in teaching, Pedagogy of visualizations and instructional strategies, Quality evaluation of e-learning
Guide: Prof. Sahana Murthy
Dr. Mrinal H P
Research Interests: Media in education, multimedia learning, interactive learning environments, simulations, engineering education
Guide: Prof. Sahana Murthy
Dr. Yogendra Pal
Research Interests: Role of the language of instruction (English and Hindi) in the learning of CS1
Guide: Prof. Sridhar Iyer
Dr. Sachin Kamble
Research Interests: Concept Maps in Mechanical Engineering Education
Guide: Prof. B.L. Tembe
Dr. Madhuri Mavinkurve
Research Interests: Engineering design competencies assessment and development. Development of valid and reliable assessment instrument -rubrics. Development of interactive visual learning material to teach various thinking skills. Development of interactive learning material in electronics circuits.Interested in conducting teacher training workshops based on integration of ET in teaching-learning process
Guide: Prof. Sahana Murthy
Dr. Kavya Alse
Research Interests: Teaching troubleshooting skills, Inquiry-based learning, Game-based learning
Guide: Prof. Sridhar Iyer and Prof. Sasikumar M