Prof. Sridhar Iyer
Research Interests: Adapt/Extend Teaching-Learning Strategies to Leverage Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), Use/Develop ICT Tools for Education Applications, in the Indian Context, Computer Science Education Research.
Prof. Chandan Dasgupta
Research Interests: Designing learning environments for supporting integrated STEM learning (both formal and informal contexts); Use of counterexamples as primary generators for supporting productive disciplinary engagement; Integrating design thinking and scientific inquiry; Providing feedback to teachers and students to scaffold the design thinking process; Exploring the application of neuroscience in engineering education
Prof. Ramkumar Rajendran
Research Interests: Learning analytics, Computer-based learning environments, learner modeling, affective computing, automated reasoning, deep learning and natural language processing
Prof. Ritayan Mitra
Research Interests: STEM education, eyetracking and biosensors, systems thinking and earth science education
Prof. Sahana Murthy (Convener)
Research Interests: Inquiry-based Environments for STEM Education; Development of Scientific Abilities through Technology Enhanced Learning
Prof. Syaamantak Das
Research Interests: Cognitively informed Artificial Intelligence for Learning Optimization - Analyzing insights from human perception of information from text data (e.g. how people learn, remember, and make decisions based on textual information) into the design and development of intelligent tools to support learning.