Dr. Sheeja Vasudevan
Tenure: December 2021 - Till date

Research Interests: Understand structure and dynamics of biomolecules using computational biology, Antimicrobial peptides to overcome antibiotic resistance, Biology education research.
Dr. Leena Bhattacharya
Tenure: July 2021-till date

Research Interests: Applied econometrics, Economics of Education, Education Technology, Development Studies
Dr. Ashwin T S
Tenure: October 2021 - till date

Research Interests: Affective Computing, Learning Technologies, and Computer Vision. His research is on enhancing the teaching-learning process by creating an affect-ware intelligent learning environment that is more personalized and student-centric. He has worked on students' video affective content analysis in different learning environments such as classroom, e-learning, flipped classroom, and webinar environments to understand the students' emotional and behavioral engagement. His current research can be broadly stated as "Multimodal Multisensor Students' Affective Content Analysis in Various Learning Environments."
Dr. Anveshna Srivastava
Tenure: June 2021 - till date

Research Interests: Anveshna is a science education researcher interested in understanding and analysing the process of learning. She uses both qualitative and quantitative methods to answer the following research questions-
What learning trajectory do learners traverse after being first exposed to a concept and developing an understanding about it?
What strategies do learners employ to understand a concept and reach a desired learning outcome?
What pedagogical tools can be used to scaffold this journey of the learning process?

Other than the above, she is also interested in students' reasoning abilities and understanding how it can lead to improved understanding about scientific and engineering concepts.
Dr. Veenita Shah
Tenure: May 2018 - till date

Research Interests: Investigating on the student-centric teaching-learning strategies and models in MOOCs, Examining the effect of learner-centricity in MOOCs on students’ learning, Comparing the effectiveness of blended versus non-blended approach of MOOC delivery, Examining the effectiveness of technology-integrated learning environments in enhancing students’ engagement, learning and computational thinking skills.

Postdoc - Past Member

Dr. Gargi Banerjee
Tenure: March 2017 - December 2021

Research Interests: She works in the area of teacher use of educational technology (TUET).
Her research interests are:
A. Models for effective integration of learner-centric pedagogy
while teaching with emerging technologies
B. Development of teachers' thinking skills and practice
C. Quality evaluation of e-learning
Dr. Shitanshu Mishra
Tenure: July 2020 - April 2021

Research Interests: Knowledge Integration, Student Question-posing, CS Education Research, Technology Enhanced Learning of Thinking Skills, Computational Intelligence, Natural Language Processing
Dr. Renumol V G
Tenure: March 2016 - March 2017

Research Interests: Computing Education Research