We have developed a number of handbooks that can help you in many ways. These handbooks cater for a wider audience including school children, researchers and practitioners. Click on each of the following links to go through the resources.

Computer Masti Curriculum
This handbook guides school teachers and students to various school topics such as xxx, yy, zzz which help students in learning more about computers and their technologies. Know more  
Guidelines and Templates for Planning Conducting and Reporting Research in Educational Technology
A good handbook for researchers in the area of Educational Technology. It highlights the 3 stages of research and the corresponding templates with details per each template including the criteria at each stage. Know more
Pedagogical Framework for Developing Thinking Skills for Smart Learning Environments
This is a pedagogical framework that helps researchers to design effective smart learning environments targeting thinking skills. The framework is based on theoretical foundations of the nature of thinking skills, learning and transfer of thinking skills, and design principles for complex learning in technology-enhanced learning environments. Know more
Design and Development of LOBE: Learning Object Evaluation Instrument

The learning object evaluation (LOBE) instrument evaluates learning objects that contain visualization (video/ animation/ simulation) as the core component. It has been designed and developed by Post Docs from the IDP-ET department in the interest of the teachers. This document presents the design and development of the LOBE instrument. This document provides the rationale, underlying philosophy, and key features of LOBE; details of constructs and criteria to be addressed to evaluate learning object quality; recommendations for scoring the learning object quality using LOBE, and  illustrative examples of how LOBE can be implemented to evaluate learning object quality. In addition the entire instrument is provided in this document.

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