The research laboratory runs strong on the human resources available in the form of Ph.D. and M.Tech. research scholars and research scientists. The research laboratory has a study room and observation room partitioned with a one-side glass window to ensure the smooth conduct of the research experiments. The main space is divided into student work-stations. The pantry area has basic facilities like water purifiers, storage compartments, dining table and sitting area. The entire lab space has modular and ergonomically designed furniture.

The objective of ETDL is to provide a safe learning space for students and researchers by providing opportunities to play with emerging technologies and figure out innovative ways of implementing and integrating them to leverage teaching-learning processes. The lab is equipped with two categories of tools based on the medium of communication, where the first category comprises screen-based and head-mounted display based technologies like Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Leap Motion (for gesture control), etc. The other category is physical computing technologies enabling more tangible interactions like Lego Mindstorm, 3D printers, Arduino, Myo-armband, Cozmo robot, etc.

A sponsored laboratory in association with Next Education Pvt Ltd. The lab space is equipped with a soundproof room for recording purpose and a workspace for students.