Alekh. V.
Research Interests: Making - Makerspaces - Collaborative Learning
Guide: Prof. Chandan Dasgupta
Alisha Sinha
Research Interests: Design Education, Creativity Studies, Student Assessment
Guide: Prof. Ritayan Mitra
Amalendhu S P
Research Interests: Design Education, Form Design, 3D Geometry, Teaching-Learning strategies
Guide: Prof. Sridhar Iyer
Amit Paikrao
Research Interests: Eye-Tracking, Multimodal Data Analytics, Webcam based Eye-tracking, Expert-Novice Continuum, Learning Analytics, Statistics, Electrical Engineering
Guide: Prof. Ritayan Mitra
Amrit Pal Singh
Research Interests: Game-based learning, Learning by making serious games, affordances of games and game-design activity.
Guide: Prof. Sahana Murthy
Antony Prakash
Research Interests: Modeling Learners in Virtual Reality Learning Environment
Guide: Prof. Ramkumar Rajendran
Archana Rane
Research Interests: Simulation-based Labs, Science Disciplinary Practices, Meaningful Gamification, Inquiry Labs
Guide: Prof. Sahana Murthy
Arjun Prasad
Research Interests: Education Policy, Policy Implementation, Computational Thinking, K-12 Education
Guide: Prof. Sridhar Iyer
Ashutosh Raina
Research Interests: Computational Thinking in Engineering Undergraduates Using Makerspaces, Problem Solving with Tinkering, Engineering Design, CS Education
Guide: Prof. Sahana Murthy and Prof. Sridhar Iyer
Daevesh Kumar Singh
Research Interests: Learning Analytics, Affect detection, Mathematics Education, Intelligent Tutoring System
Guide: Prof. Ramkumar Rajendran
Debarshi Nath
Research Interests: Learning Analytics, Self-Regulated Learning, Multi-modal Analytics, Data Science
Guide: Prof. Ramkumar Rajendran and Prof. Dragan Gasevic
Falegaonkar Vishvanath Bhaurao
Research Interests: Challenge Based Learning, Contextualisation of Education, Rural Education, Computational Thinking, Learning Analytics and Educational Data Mining, Information Communication and Technology, Rural Technology, Languages, Learning Sciences, Educational Neuroscience, Human Computer Interaction for Educational Technology, Instructional Systems Design
Guide: Prof. Sridhar Iyer
Herold PC
Research Interests: Perspective-taking, Noticing Behaviour, Virtual Reality, Extended Reality, Interaction Design, UX design, Digital & Tangible Prototyping, Qualitative Analysis, School Education
Guide: Prof. Chandan Dasgupta
Indra R
Research Interests: Computing Education Research
Guide: Prof. Sridhar Iyer
Indrayani Nishane
Research Interests: Personalization in CBLEs, Affective Computing, Learning Analytics
Guide: Prof. Ramkumar Rajendran
Research Interests: Teachers Professional Development through ICT Integration
Guide: Prof. Sahana Murthy
Jatin Ambasana
Research Interests: MOOCs, LCM Model, Gamification, Game Based Learning, Edutainment
Guide: Prof. Sahana Murthy and Dr. Sameer Sahasrabudhe
Jyoti Kolap
Research Interests:
Guide: Prof. Ramkumar Rajendran
Kabyashree Khanikar
Research Interests: Learner Centric Emotions, Multi Modal Leaning Analytics, Sensor Data
Guide: Prof. Ritayan Mitra
Research Interests: Mathematics Education, Mathematical Modeling, Ethnomathematics, Learning Sciences, Situated Cognition
Guide: Prof. Syaamantak Das, Prof. Sahana Murthy
Lucian Ngeze
Research Interests: In-service Teacher Professional Development, Use of ICT in Teaching and Learning, Online and Blended Learning Design
Guide: Prof. Sridhar Iyer
Meera Daulatrao Pawar
Research Interests: Biology Education
Guide: Prof. Sahana Murthy
Mohini Devchand Misale
Research Interests: Generative AI, Critical Thinking
Guide: Prof. Syaamantak Das
N Soumya
Research Interests: Design Thinking in Analog Electronics
Guide: Prof. Sahana Murthy
Nandan P. A.
Research Interests: Teacher education, Teacher professional development, Teachers' beliefs, Teacher use of educational technology, Teaching-learning ecosystem
Guide: Prof. Sahana Murthy
Narasimha Swamy
Research Interests: Understanding and Supporting Students' Feedback-Seeking Actions in Multicultural Classrooms, Advancing Sustainable and Student-Driven Learning Practices for Inclusive Education, Nurturing Distributed Competence amongst Student and Teacher Communities, Comparative Study of Learning Theories and Practices, Understanding and Supporting Organizational Learning
Guide: Prof. Chandan Dasgupta
Navneet Kaur
Research Interests: Technology Enhanced Learning of Thinking Skills, Metacognition, Development of Decision-making Abilities
Guide: Prof. Chandan Dasgupta
Nisumba Soodhani K
Research Interests: Makerspaces, Self Efficacy, Critical Action Research
Guide: Prof. Ramkumar Rajendran
Omkar Joshi
Research Interests: Generative Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science Education
Guide: Prof. Syaamantak Das
Pankaj Chavan
Research Interests: Educational Technology, Learning Analytics, Teacher Professional Development, STEM Education
Guide: Prof. Ritayan Mitra
Pratiksha Virendra Patil
Research Interests: Learning Analytics, Computer Supported Collaborative Learning, Applied Machine Learning
Guide: Prof. Ramkumar Rajendran
Priya Lotlikar
Research Interests:
Rajashri Priyadarshini
Research Interests: Heuristic Reasoning, Modeling, Chemical Education, Learning Sciences
Guide: Prof. Chandan Dasgupta
Ram Das Rai
Research Interests: Technology Enhanced Learning Environments, Fostering Critical Thinking, Information Literacy Education
Guide: Prof. Sahana Murthy
Rumana Pathan
Research Interests: Learning Analytics, Self-Regulated Learning, Multi-modal data, Educational Data Mining
Guide: Prof. Ramkumar Rajendran and Prof. Sahana Murthy
Sandeep Yadav
Research Interests: Teachers Professional Development, Teacher Use of Educational Technology,
Guide: Prof. Sahana Murthy
Setu Maheshwari
Research Interests: Multimodal Learning Analytics
Guide: Ramkumar Rajendran
Shivsevak Negi
Research Interests: Learning Analytics
Guide: Prof. Ritayan Mitra
Sonika Pal
Research Interests: Computer Science Education, Computational Thinking, Eye Tracking
Guide: Prof. Ritayan Mitra
Spruha Satavlekar
Research Interests: Computational Thinking, Computational Identity, Situated Learning
Guide: Prof. Sridhar Iyer
Sumitra Sadhukhan
Research Interests: Exploring Student Query Driven Learning using Question Posing
Guide: Prof. Sridhar Iyer
Sunita Raste
Research Interests: Bioscience Education, Technology Enhanced Learning Environments, Cognitive and Affective Aspects of Learning, Professional Identity
Guide: Prof. Sahana Murthy
Sunny Prakash Prajapati
Research Interests: Learning Experience Design, HCI in Education, UX design, Design Research, Engineering Systems Design, Information Design
Guide: Prof. Syaamantak Das
Suprabha Jadhav
Research Interests: Robotics Education, Problem Solving Skills, Collaboration Skills, Project Based Learning, MOOC
Guide: Prof. Sridhar Iyer
Ulfa Khwaja
Research Interests: Computer Supported Collaborative Learning, Learning Sciences, Problem Solving, Understanding and fostering Thinking skills, Technologically Enhanced Learning Environments and MOOCs
Guide: Prof. Sahana Murthy
Varun John
Research Interests: Pedagogical Affordances of Eye Tracking, Interpretability of Eye Gaze Visualisations, Visual Problem Solving, Perceptual Learning, Multimedia Learning Analytics
Guide: Prof. Ritayan Mitra
Vishwas Badhe
Research Interests: Collaborative Learning, SRL, SSRL, CSCL
Guide: Prof. Chandan Dasgupta
Zun Phoo Mo
Research Interests: Teacher Education, Technology Integration in Biology Learning, Agent Based Modeling
Guide: Prof. Sahana Murthy