Cozmo is an artificially intelligent toy truck developed by Anki. Cozmo was used to develop activities for students and modules for teachers that helps in developing computational skills in students.

Virtual reality has the potential to bring revolution in the field of education. Keeping this in mind, the department is focused on exploring this research area. This VR headset was used in the development of the Speak Up project. Speak Up is a virtual reality (VR)-based application, which enables individuals in improving their oral presentation skills.

The device is used currently for teaching and presentation purposes. However, it is currently being explored as a CSCL tool.

This device is used to capture hand and finger motion. Leap motion was used in the project - ‘Geometry via gestures’. Geometry via Gestures. i.e. G-v-G allows students to interact with the 3D objects via gestures.

This headband is used to collect EEG signals which are then used to understand various aspects of learning processes and products. In one of the current studies, it is used to measure cognitive load during a task.

This GSR (Galvanic skin response) device is used with other data channels to capture the learner’s affective states.

It is an industrial-grade 3-D printer developed to provide the maximum stability and quality for printing designs. 3-D printing will help us to bridge the gap between ideas and images on a page or screen, allowing for the creation of those ideas/images in the physical, 3-dimensional world.

3-D Printer was used in many studies for creating Functional prototypes, Tooling, and Lightweight components. It also used to develop artifacts that help in logical thinking for visually- challenged students.

The screen-based system shows exactly where people are looking and, with a sampling rate of 120 Hz, it is designed for detailed research into the timing and duration of fixations. Currently, we are using eye trackers Tobii 4C and Tobii Pro/X3-120 Packages for understanding the processes involved in SRL and the role of subtitles in the learning process.