Learning disciplinary-practices through abstraction at progressive levels (LEAP):

LEAP describes a model of a typical learning pathway for developing proficiency in disciplinary practices. Execution of a disciplinary practice includes a set of cognitive processes that underlie a domain task, intertwined with a set of monitoring and control processes, applied periodically to meet the goals. In addition to the cognitive process, the development of a disciplinary practice, also requires the execution of a set of metacognitive processes that are needed for abstracting the overall sequence of cognitive processes necessary for doing the practice in novel, but similar situations.


Learner-Centric MOOC (LCM) model

Guides MOOC instructors in conceptualizing, creating and conducting their course based on a learner-centric approach throughout the process

This is a self-paced course for instructors to move towards teaching online. The course is constructed as a website. Each page contains key points, concepts (videos and text), information about tools (videos and links), self-check questions with feedback, and recommendations. The last page leads to a discussion forum for interaction.